NSPA Training Center

One of NSPA's most important goals is to expose our regional members and partners to training and education opportunities.

Our most exciting offering comes from the National Disaster Life Support Foundation.  It is delivered at three different levels:

cdlsCore Disaster Life Support: This 3.5-hour course provides the base level of understanding of disaster preparedness and response.  Intended for first responders and healthcare professionals new to disaster management, it is also very appropriate for business leaders, government officials, and the interested public. Click Here for more information on CDLS!



Basic Disaster Life Support: This 8-hour, lecture-based course is an information packed offering intended to educate first responders and healthcare personnel to prevent, detect and respond to disaster scenarios including natural and man-made disasters, chemical or radiological incidents and infectious disease outbreaks.  Click Here for more information on BDLS!



Advanced Disaster Life Support: This 16-hour course includes 12 hours of hands-on, experiential learning. Participants will exercise triage and hospital surge management techniques as well as experience responding to a disaster scenario.  This course is where the rubber meets the road in disaster response and should be on every first responder and healthcare professional's to-do list.  Click Here for more information on ADLS!


NSPA is proud to hold the designation of Advanced Training Center with NDLSF.  We offer all three levels of training to our regional members and partners at no cost.  We also actively look to take our training outside the region on a fee basis.  If you'd like more information on attending training in the region or securing training at your facility, anywhere throughout the US, contact Monica McCullough.