NSPA is Hiring

The Near Southwest Preparedness Alliance (NSPA) seeks to fill the position of Medically Vulnerable Populations Coordinator. 

The NSPA is one of the pre-eminent healthcare coalitions both in Virginia and across the United States. At NSPA, the role of Medically Vulnerable Populations (MVP) Coordinator is multi-faceted in that success as a regional coalition in Virginia is the prerequisite.  

Primarily funded by the ASPR Hospital Preparedness Program, NSPA counts among its membership 16 hospitals (including two state mental health hospitals), five public health districts, two regional EMS councils, several city/county emergency management and public safety departments, dozens of nursing homes, dialysis facilities, home health agencies, hospice agencies and other organizations that have a role to play in healthcare disaster preparedness. If a regional stakeholder has a perspective on healthcare disaster preparedness, it is welcome at the NSPA table. 

The MVP Coordinator must deal effectively with long-term and specialized care facilities and their administrators, governmental entities, hospital and public health officials, public safety officials, and other involved partners.  He or she must be proficient in oral and written communication skills and have a strong grasp of current computer technology. Emergency management experience is desirable but not required. Frequent travel within the 16-county NSPA region and travel outside the region is required. 

The MVP Coordinator also serves as the NSPA outreach and social media coordinator, so it is highly desirable to possess a broad familiarity with social media, webmaster duties (currently using Wordpress) and related skills. 

The ideal candidate will possess broad interpersonal skills and experience in networking and marketing, both in groups and one-on-one.  

The MVP Coordinator is a contracted employee of the Western Virginia EMS Council, the fiscal agent for NSPA. 

The position is contracted annually and is funded by a federal grant program on an annual basis. Renewals for additional one-year periods are offered based on the availability of grant funds. 

Starting salary range: $52,000- $57,000 depending on qualifications and experience with the potential to increase after six months. 

A comprehensive benefits program is provided. 

Position Requirements
The successful candidate must possess vast personal, team and organization-level leadership and networking skills and the ability to adapt his or her communication style to fit the demands of the situation. 

The position requires a keen critical thinking skillset for the interpretation of both written and unwritten federal grant guidance and the leveraged application of same in the NSPA region. Beyond simple interpretation, the MVP Coordinator must utilize creative vision to deliver value beyond simply “checking the boxes”. At NSPA, we don’t just meet the standard, we aim to set the standard. 

Having very little supervision, the new MVP Coordinator must have superior time and project management skills to design and execute an annual calendar of NSPA events alongside grant deadlines. The ability to work independently toward short and long-term goals is key. 

Success in this position requires a high-energy, outgoing, fun and creative team member to motivate, engage, inspire and shepherd regional healthcare organizations toward a more prepared healthcare infrastructure. The MVP Coordinator serves as a subject matter expert, coach, problem solver, teacher, leader, mentor and colleague to a wide range of stakeholders. 

The MVP Coordinator must: 

  • Work with the NSPA staff toward the accomplishment of regional objectives. 
  • Inform, develop and collaborate with the NSPA Board of Directors as supporting staff for the governing body. 
  • Serve as a point of contact between NSPA coalition members and the organization. 
  • Serve as a point of contact for regional concerns during multi-region or statewide disaster activation (with or without state EOC activation). 
  • Have the ability to serve as the public face of the organization toward the media, other agencies, the healthcare industry, etc. 
  • Serve as a duty officer for the Regional Healthcare Coordinating Center, as appropriate, for activations including drills, exercises and real events (may require limited 24-hour availability). 


  • Associate’s degree in public health, healthcare administration, public administration, business administration, healthcare planning or other appropriate field is required. Bachelor’s degree in a similar field is preferred. Significant experience in collaborative leadership and/or other related fields may be considered in place of degree. 
  • The position involves collaboration with all NSPA staff and requires a high degree of critical decision-making. 
  • The MVP Coordinator must reside within the NSPA region within 90 days of accepting the position. 
  • Significant public speaking/presentation/meeting leadership skills. 
  • You’ve got to be a fun person to be around! 

Classification: This position is a full-time, exempt position and is not subject to overtime compensation. 

For more information, please submit your resume and cover letter at www.nspa1.org/employment