NSPA to Participate in National Webinar

NSPALogoThanks to strong coalition leadership and good networking at the national conference in Denver last December, NSPA has been invited to present at a webinar for the National Healthcare Coalition Resource Center.

The webinar is scheduled for January 29th from 2:30-3:30pm.  Details can be found HERE.

nhcrc-logoNSPA is very excited to be participating in the national conversation as a leader among healthcare coalitions.  Executive director JT Clark noted that this type of evolution gives NSPA credibility that will benefit the coalition both locally and at a national level.  "We do not work to meet the standard for Healthcare Coalitions, we strive to set the standard.  We want to elevate NSPA and, by doing so, help establish best-practice procedures to bolster coalitions nation-wide.  Strong coalitions make for resilient communities and that's what all of this is about."


NSPA Saves Carilion NRV $2156.00!

CNRV Portable Suction



Carilion New River Valley expressed thanks this week for their ability to borrow 40 portable suctions units from NSPA so they could complete a planned vacuum shutdown.  They estimate their rental cost would have been $2156.00.  NSPA is glad to be able to provide resources such as these to our members.  h/t Tammy Turpin

Repurposing This Blog – Where are the Podcasts?

Welcome to the newly repurposed blog page of the Near Southwest Preparedness Alliance.

First things first, if you arrived here in search of the EMTalk podcasts that Tanya and Keith were putting together, never fear.  They can be found at this link: https://biggerthanmyself.wordpress.com/emtalk/

Now, you may ask: "Why the repurpose?  Do we really need a blog?"

The answer lies in efficiently getting information out to our membership - and yes, this blog will be an important tool in that process.

To date, our main method of getting information out to members has been our Weekly Situational Brief.  This is a weekly digest meant to contain important information regarding Emergency Management and Situational Awareness for healthcare interests in our region.  You can subscribe to the brief here: Subscribe to Weekly Brief.

As time progressed, our weekly brief began to include information that was less about Situational Awareness and more about NSPA news - information you might find in a newsletter rather than in a SITREP.

In order to keep the weekly brief extremely relevant (and brief), this blog will function as a newsletter for NSPA activities and business.  

Each Weekly Situational Brief will include an item titled "NSPA Newsletter Hotlinks" (or something of that sort - this is an evolution, after all) that will bring the reader to the linked post in this blog roll.  In this way, the brief can still serve as a conduit for NSPA news but the bulk of the information is still very relevant to situational awareness.

At any rate, welcome to the new blog.  Email me if you have any comments at ccamidge@vaems.org.